Sample types of projects:

  • Companies: Customer satisfaction with corporate service and products; venture capital analysis of perceived value of new investments.
  • Communities: Community support for raising public awareness of foreign aid.
  • Cooperatives: Membership support for charitable giving.
  • Homeowner Associations: Owner attitudes toward issues including smoking and amenities.
  • Nonprofit Organizations: Board of Directors self-evaluations; member satisfaction with specialty film festivals.
  • Foundations: Comparative analysis of foundation commitments to social values.
  • Museums: Underserved community interest in learning about entrepreneurial role models through museum displays.
  • Libraries: User satisfaction with public library services, single and multi-branch libraries.
  • Universities: Studies of recruiter satisfaction with MBA graduates; MBA satisfaction with curriculum; pre-post comparative analysis of new curricula.
  • Chambers of Commerce: Member satisfaction with Chamber services.
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