Selected publications

Social Economy

Reimagining Nonprofits: Sector Theory in the Twenty-First Century, "Chapter 6: Sector Theorists Should Embrace a Social Economy Perspective," by Mook and Whitman (Cambridge University Press, 2024)


Understanding the Social Economy of the United States, by Mook, Whitman, Quarter, Armstrong (University of Toronto Press, 2015)


Intellectual Property Protection

The Cambridge Handbook of Intellectual Property and Social Justice, "Chapter 12: Intellectual Property Empowerment and Protection for Prisoners" (Cambridge University Press, 2024)


Intellectual Property, Entrepreneurship, and Social Justice: From Swords to Ploughshares, Lateef Mtima, editor (Edward Elgar, 2015)


Library Publications

American Library Association ALA Policy Perspectives: "Open to Change" (November 2020: Issue 9)


Delivering Satisfaction and Service Quality: A Customer-Based Approach for Libraries (American Library Association, 2001)


Case on community support for entrepreneurship:

"Enterprise Facilitation: Local Economic Development and the Challenge of Going Mainstream," a participatory action research case study, John R. Whitman, Ph.D., June 2015.


Does COVID-19 Portend a Shocking Future for Nonprofits?
Canadian Journal of Nonprofit and Social Economy Research, Vol. 12, No. 2, Autumn 2021.

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